OutWest Guides offers true western style, wilderness elk hunts from horseback. Chances of connecting with branch-antlered bulls are excellent, and trophy bulls ranging from 290 inches to 325 inches are taken each year, with bulls in the 330-350 inch range roaming our outfitting area. We offer drop camps, semi-guided hunts, fully guided wilderness hunts, and comfortable lodge hunts! In recent years we have seen our elk herd grow an increasing number of sizable bulls, and the numbers of elk in our area are terrific.  Our elk hunts are fair chase hunts in a wilderness setting.

We outfit in the rugged Maroon Bells/Snowmass Wilderness area and part of the Raggeds Wilderness area surrounding Marble, Colorado, in the southern part of Game Management Unit 43. Our wilderness camps are accessed only by foot or by horseback. There is no ATV access to any of our camps. Our camps are stout wall tents with wood stoves, cook stoves, cots, floors, and as comfortable as we can make it when everything is packed in on horseback.




Fully Guided Wilderness Hunts

Fully Guided, Elk, Mule Deer or Bear Hunt – 7 Day package – (Wilderness camp) $4950 per hunter at 2 hunters per 1 guide. If you only have 2 in your group, we may add 2 other hunters to the camp. Add $1000 for 1 on 1 guided hunt. Add $500 for a combo hunt. Includes: Riding and packing horses, 1 pack in day and 1 pack out day, 5 full days of guided hunting, all meals while on the hunt, guide, tent, cots, dishes, & game pack out. All you need to bring is your tag, weapon of choice, ammo, sleeping bag, clothes, and personal gear. You will be guided well, fed like a king, and overwhelmed by our views. It is a hunt of a lifetime.


Drop Camps

7 Day package – $1750 per hunter for archery, muzzleloader, or Rifle hunts, (3 person minimum or combine groups). This includes: a stout wall tent located in a high mountain location (most camps set between 9,400 -11,000 feet or higher), cots for each hunter, propane lantern, enough fire wood cut for one night, pots and pans, wood burning stove, propane cook stove, dishes, 2, 5 gal. water jugs(full), etc. (see hunter intro packet). 5 full hunting days, 1 day pack in and 1 day pack out on horseback. You are responsible to quarter your game and have it by the nearest trail for pack out. We will ride in and check on you 1 or 2 times during your hunt. We will try to keep in radio contact if you need help or game packed out.  If you can rent a satellite phone for the week, your stay will be much safer and you will be able to contact us with more ease.  


Spot and Stalk Black Bear Hunt

SPECIAL HUNT – September Rifle Bear Hunt- This is a challenging hunt, but we do have a lot of bear in our area. You need to be in good shape, and be ready to make the shot count when your opportunity presents itself. Bears are very elusive and can be hard to find during daylight hours, so we spend plenty of time in the summer scouting to find their hangouts. Do not expect to see multiple bears each day. Expect one good opportunity during your hunt, and make it count! This is a very challenging hunt,  because black bear are very tough to pattern.  Expect to hunt hard for one good opportunity.



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